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Introduction to the PANELS© 4.5 Program

The time-consuming and error prone preparation of manual panel schedules in the mid 1980’s led a consulting engineer to write the first generation of the PANELS© program. The earlier program was a DOS based program which was protected by copyright in 1990 and again in 1992. Although primitive by today’s Windows® standards, it was used by his mid-sized engineering firm to prepare panel schedules for thousands of commercial and residential projects. Over the years, the main calculation logic was refined and modified as codes changed and the unique requirements of a diverse range of projects were encountered.

PANELS© 4.5 is the latest version of the program to utilize the time proven National Electrical Code logic / algorithms combined with an effective electrical panel graphic display. It has been upgraded to the versatile and expedient use of the Windows® “point and click” technology. Now, accuracy and expediency have been blended into one easy to use package. Commercial and residential service calculations are automatically prepared as each portion of the schedule is developed. Multiple panels can be inserted into one “master” distribution panel to provide a quick way to do an overall building service calculation. A “verbose listing” output is available for a complete management / supervisor review of panel schedules.

The program’s application target is the low voltage power distribution (480 volts and under) systems of commercial and residential projects. It does not require the use of any CAD program to display the prepared schedules. The program has been structured to ensure code minimum compliance, yet flexible enough to allow sizing as needs of the project may mandate.

Use of PANELS© 4.5 gives the designer ultimate control, while providing the overall guidance of its pre-programmed tables and National Electrical Code algorithms. Fast, convenient, pull-down dialog boxes with logical setup of input/edit displays make operations accurate and easy to master.

Most designers familiar with standard Windows® operations will quickly master the operation of PANELS© 4.5. It is strongly recommended to carefully review the Program User’s Operational Guide as there have been many “special” integrated and pre-programmed features added to enhance productivity and flexibility.

Here is an example of the panel output from the software which you can import into AutoCAD. Click on Panel below for a more detailed example.


Click here for a larger more detail view of the full panel output. This will open a new tab. Just close that tab when done viewing.