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Licensing / Pricing Information for PANELS© 4.5

This software is protected by both United States Copyright Law and international treaty provisions. This means that each individual software license is intended for use on one computer only. TCA Software, Inc. does authorize one additional back-up copy of this program for archival purposes only.

The purchase of the PANELS© 4.5 program includes 30 days of email software support starting from the date of shipment. Email questions or problems should be sent via the contact page. The optional annual support quotations below include unlimited support, plus free product upgrades during the support period. PANELS© 4.5 will be upgraded at each new National Electrical Code issue for any code changes which affect the preparation of the panel schedules. It is planned to make the future versions capable of being toggled to the latest code or earlier codes, if desired for compatibility to authorities having jurisdiction that have not yet adopted the latest code.


(1) Station $249.00 (Support $75.00 / year)
(2) Stations $375.00 (Support $100.00 / year)
(3-5) Stations $525.00 (Support $150.00 / year)
(6-8) Stations $800.00 (Support $200.00 / year)
(9-12) Stations $1,100.00 (Support $250.00 / year)
(13+) Stations $249.00 (Call for Pricing Call for Pricing)

Call TCA Software, Inc. (704-664-9824) for larger volume purchase quotations.

Note – All North Carolina purchases are subject to NC State sales tax of 6.5%.

The demonstration program available for free download is a complete working version of the PANELS© 4.5 program. The only limitation placed on the demo version is it is limited to a maximum of 10 circuits. All features and capabilities are active in the demonstration program. All parties interested in purchasing the program are strongly recommended to download and test the demonstration version to ensure compatibility to their individual computers and printers. If you encounter any problems during the download or the demonstration, please contact TCA Software (704-664-9824).

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